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Tree Work in Reigate and Surrey | Our Tree Services

Our tree surgery specialists are available for same-day services and emergency callouts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clients in Reigate, Dorking and the nearby Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London areas. If you require professional tree work as part of garden refurbishments, our tree surgeons possess the necessary experience, from coppicing and felling to stump grinding and replanting. Home and business owners alike can rely on us to manage a variety of natural solutions for their grounds, including conducting tree reports for health maintenance, site clearances and delivering seasoned logs or hardwood for landscaping projects.

Tree Work We Offer

Tree Maintenance

  • Felling – The tree work involved in felling depends on the size of the Reigate, Dorking or Surrey property and the space available. Sectional tree felling removes trees in sections with ropes and harnesses. We use a chainsaw for sectional and directional tree felling which is cut down safely towards the base. The waste can be reused as seasoned logs for wood burning
  • Coppicing - Our tree surgeons are adept at trimming trees and shrubs to the base, which encourages shoots to sprout from developed root systems for fresh and continuous growth
  • Pollarding – Like coppicing, pollarding is another form of tree surgery which is designed to stimulate regrowth after removing the tops of new trees to sprout branches
  • Crown Reductions, Thinning and Lifting – A tree surgeon will alleviate the mechanical stress from lush, overhanging branches. Dense trees can be thinned up to 30% of the original leaf mass to reduce the weight, while crown lifting is limited to removing 15% of the height of the tree’s crown height
  • Stump Grinding - Tree surgeons will use stump grinding machinery to completely remove stumps left over from previous tree felling projects. Stump grinding is ideal for Reigate, Dorking and Surrey clients who need level grounds for landscaping designs
  • Hedge Cutting – General maintenance and tree work can involve stand-alone or regular pruning and hedge cutting, allowing home and business owners to keep their gardens looking attractive and tidy

Tree Planting

We can advise Reigate and Dorking clients on the types of plants and trees best suited to their grounds. Our tree surgeons can assist home and business owners in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London with creating a sustainable garden by recycling their waste and replanting trees after old or deteriorated species have been felled.

image of a large tree standing by itself in a field with the sun behind it
image of a pile of logs stacked up on top of each other

Deliveries for Seasoned Logs

Our tree surgery services in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London include delivering hardwood, fire wood and seasoned logs in bulk bags or by the truck load for clients. High-quality kiln dried and seasoned logs with a maximum of 20% moisture is perfect as quick burning fuel to yield maximum heat.

Machinery Hire and Site Clearances

We provide log processors and a range of other machinery for forestry services. These can either be hired for tree work for client use or fully-manned by one of our team. The tree surgeons at Toby’s Trees will collect biological waste, such as topsoil and vegetation, from tree felling, coppicing and stump grinding and other tree work which can be reused as wood chips. This is perfect to stimulate growth for plants and flower beds or borders for patios and driveways.

image of the toby's trees van pulling a chipper

Tree Reports and Surveys

Clients can be assured that all tree surgery duties are carried out by professional tree surgeons with training from the City & Guilds Forestry and Arboriculture (NPTC). This means that Reigate, Dorking and Surrey clients can rely on the lofty standards of our tree work, which concentrates on health and safety, with a full risk assessment for each job.

  • Tree Reports – These are required for identifying any signs of decay or pest and disease management for domestic and commercial clients. Tree surgeons can determine the right course of action to take, whether it be felling or reducing the tree.
  • Tree Preservation Order (TPO) – Our tree surgery specialists can liaise with the local Surrey, Sussex, Kent or South London planning departments for clients based in Reigate, Dorking and the surrounding areas to fulfil inspections and tree work for woodland at protected heritage sites.

If you need professional tree work such as stump grinding to be carried out at your property in Reigate or the surrounding Surrey area, call 07826 526 059.

image of a large tree standing by itself in a field with the sun behind it
image of the toby's trees van pulling a chipper
image of a large tree standing by itself in a field with the sun behind it
image of a pile of logs stacked up on top of each other
image of the toby's trees van pulling a chipper