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Stump Grinding in Reigate and the Surrounding Surrey Areas

Benefits of Tree Stump Grinding Services

If you have a tree stump that you wish to be removed from your Reigate or Dorking property, an expert tree surgeon from Toby’s Trees can carry out stump grinding services on your behalf. The tree work we provide for local home and business owners in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London is managed by tree surgery specialists with NPTC training, fully qualified to safely undertake stump grinding removals using modern machinery.

A common reason why Reigate, Dorking and Surrey clients request stump grinding from tree surgery companies is to improve the aesthetics of their gardens. The stump can also be an obstacle which our tree surgery technicians can resolve if you are planning landscaping projects for patios, driveways, paths or for laying brand-new turf.

Rotting tree stumps can offer a habitat for the local Reigate, Dorking and Surrey wildlife to thrive, however mould, fungi and other pests can be a threat to the surrounding plant life. Professional tree work like stump grinding will help to prevent this from happening.

Stump Removal Methods

There are three main methods in which a tree surgeon can successfully remove a leftover tree stump. These include the following:


  • Winch System – Cables will be attached to the stump and hauled out of the ground, exposing the roots so they can be severed with a shovel
  • Excavation or ‘Grubbing’ – In comparison to stump grinding, tree surgery specialists use hand tools to dig around the area to manually lift the stump out
  • Stump Grinding – The quickest and less labour-intensive tree surgery procedure is to grind the stump down to below the surface of your Reigate, Dorking or Surrey garden, limiting any disturbance to your home or workplace


Stump grinding machines are very mobile and vary in size so they can easily be manoeuvred around smaller Reigate, Dorking and Surrey properties. Their appearance is like a mower as the grinder is mounted on heavy-duty wheels so that it can be moved across the stump in lateral and side-to-side motions. Grinders have a sharp blade which can be changed to different cutting grades, suited to stump grinding above and below ground level. A tree surgeon will grind the stump down to approximately 250mm below the surface for renovation work to commence.


We can even discuss contract work for tree work duties that need to be carried out for commercial clients in the surrounding Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London areas. This can range from estate management companies to landlords and hotel or resort owners with expansive woodlands.

Recycling Wood Chippings

The tree surgeons at Toby’s Trees are specialists in the art of stump grinding and removal. We’ll grind down the remnants of felled trees into wood chippings using state-of-the-art stump grinding machinery. This effective method of tree surgery removes obstacles getting in the way of Reigate, Dorking and Surrey homeowners completing garden landscaping projects. The leftover wood chippings from tree work can enrich soil as mulch and compost heaps.

pov image of a chainsaw cutting through a tree stump

If you need professional tree work including stump grinding to be carried out at your property in Reigate or the surrounding Surrey area, call 07826 526 059.

pov image of a chainsaw cutting through a tree stump
pov image of a chainsaw cutting through a tree stump