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Deliveries for Seasoned Logs in Reigate, Dorking and Surrey

The team at Toby’s Trees is available to provide local Reigate and Dorking clients with premium-quality seasoned logs which will help them warm up their Surrey properties. In addition to treating the woodland at domestic and commercial venues, our tree surgery company also produces dried hardwood, firewood and seasoned logs which are ideal for fireplace use. You can rely on our tree surgeon to help sustain the health of your gardens and offer eco-friendly, energy solutions for heating homes and workplaces alike.

image of a pile of chopped up logs that are ready for transportation

What are Seasoned Logs?

Our tree surgery company supplies seasoned logs for home and business owners in Reigate, Dorking and the surrounding Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London area which are processed to make them an optimal source for fuel. The seasoning procedure is carried out to reduce the level of moisture content (MC) so that the logs can provide heat without wasting energy. Otherwise more heat is needed to evaporate the excess water in the wood.

Due to the increase in demand for seasoned logs in Europe and throughout the UK, the level of quality for kiln dried wood has also risen. Tree surgery specialists and other providers understand the requirements of keeping wood dry, from the outer bark to the centre. If not, Reigate, Dorking and Surrey clients will soon notice their firewood stops burning and turns glass surfaces black.


There are two main ways for tree surgeons to dry out wood:


  • Air-dried is the traditional way to achieve seasoned logs is to let them dry naturally by cutting up the wood and removing the bark to prevent moisture ingress
  • Kiln-dried is a shorter method which speeds up the drying process by placing logs into a kiln to be heated


Seasoned logs or firewood is typically cut, split, stacked and stored over long periods, between 1 to 2 years. Once the air and sun have dried up the moisture, our tree surgeons can deliver in bulk bags or larger amounts which can be transported by trucks to any location in Reigate, Dorking and the nearby Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London areas.

image of a file of freshly cut logs with thicker tree stumps

Firewood that comes from felled trees during the winter will be significantly drier and contain less sap. Our tree surgeons use the remaining biodegradable waste from tree surgery duties, such as felling, coppicing and stump grinding to be recycled into other materials, such as wood chips for mulch and seasoned logs for their heating capabilities.


  • Every log load you purchase should have a moisture content (MC) no more than 20%
  • Properly dried wood will make it easier to light and provide maximum heat energy
  • Dried firewood and seasoned logs burn cleanly, preventing stoves from turning black
  • Chimneys and flues are less likely to accumulate soot or tar from dried wood
  • Seasoned logs are suited to classic Reigate, Dorking and Surrey sites with open fires
  • Poorly dried or seasoned logs can result in a build-up of condensed creosote which affects combustion and can cause damage to the chimney

To order premium quality wood chippings, firewood and seasoned logs in Reigate, Dorking or the surrounding Surrey area, call 07826 526 059.

image of a pile of chopped up logs that are ready for transportation
image of a pile of chopped up logs that are ready for transportation
image of a file of freshly cut logs with thicker tree stumps