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Benefits of Tree Surgery in Reigate

Practical Solutions

At Toby’s Trees, our tree surgery solutions are available to home and business owners in and around Reigate. The professional tree work carried out by our fully-trained tree surgeons includes felling, coppicing and stump grinding. We can also plant new trees and provide premium-quality seasoned logs from previous site clearance projects. This allows us to create sustainable outdoor spaces to benefit clients and the environment.

1. Brightening Up Gardens

Not only can our tree surgeon plant new trees to improve the aesthetics of your Reigate garden, we can inspect your grounds to make sure there is plenty of space for your flora and fauna to grow. Sometimes plants, flowers and trees can struggle in overcrowded ecosystems to reach the sun for the necessary nutrients to germinate. Our tree surgery duties range from planting, hedge cutting, crown thinning, stump grinding and garden clearances to create sustainable spaces.

2. Coppicing Your Trees

Coppicing is an important part of tree work which promotes a spectrum of different aged trees that grow together in harmony. Tree surgeons cut trees and shrubs down to the base to encourage new growth. From this, new shoots will form which is an easier way to regrow plant life because of their established root system. This is ideal tree work for commercial clients as strong and healthy trees can be cultivated for timber manufacturing, such as hardwood or seasoned logs.

3. Tree Felling Techniques

Our tree surgery services can safely remove trees which may be old, deteriorating or unhealthy to keep on your Reigate property. Our fully-qualified and insured tree surgeons operate a variety of felling equipment, including chainsaws, ropes and harnesses to remove trees in parts, combined with experience in climbing great heights and aerial rescue. Once felled, we can reuse timber as seasoned logs and wood chippings from the remnants of stump grinding too.

4. Regulating Toxic Plants

When planting new trees and assessing existing trees for any hazards or decay, our tree surgeons can check to ensure there are no Rhododendrons present, which can suffocate and poison surrounding plants. When recycling biodegradable waste, Reigate clients can be assured that only healthy timber will be treated and sold as seasoned logs.

Stylish Improvements

1. Making Exteriors More Appealing

If you want to spruce up your Reigate exteriors, our tree surgeon will discuss the best ways to add different plants and trees to complement your garden. We can advise which species are best suited to the climate and soil to ensure healthy growth. A combination of plants will add character to your grounds and can be used as part of design themes and focal features.

2. Blending a Variety of Species

At Toby’s Trees, our tree surgery team recommends a strong biodiversity in your Reigate garden. This will attract different kinds of local wildlife to thrive as part of their own ecosystem, as well as adding an aesthetic complexity to the foliage on your grounds.

If you need professional tree work, from stump grinding to seasoned log deliveries for your property in Reigate or the surrounding Surrey area, call 07826 526 059.